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Mindfulness Paired with Music Series: Day 7

When was the last time you took the time to fill your soul up? Today, that's what we're going to do, which brings me to today's theme: #love. Love for another. Love for life. Love for nature.

I recommend starting with the song first (pro tip: get your dance on to this one) and then settle in for the practice, Feel Tonight and Watch the Sunrise.

First time here? On Day 1, we talked about how to make the most of these mindfulness and music pairings. Check it out if you missed Day 1 and then start experimenting.

The Song: Crush by Dave Matthews Band

Watch the sunrise And fill our souls up -Dave Matthews Band

The Practice: Feel Tonight and Watch the Sunrise

Listen to Feel Tonight and Watch the Sunrise here.

See the transcript below if you'd like to do it on your own.

Welcome to Mindfulness Paired with Music. I'm Rachel Korb and this is Feel Tonight and Watch the Sunrise.

Today's practice, we're going to do a visualization. One to connect us to nature and to fill our souls up. Begin by finding a comfortable position and closing your eyes.

Bring your attention to the breath, noticing the rising and falling of the chest.

Now bring your attention to the mind. Allow it to drop into darkness. Nothingness. You feel your bare feet on the earth. Slowly you look up. Complete, expansive darkness. Then, one by one, you notice stars appearing in this darkness, this sky. This night. Shimmering. The sky is full.

Crazy how it feels tonight. You're wrapped in a dark, night sky. Cool air kissing your cheeks. Damp grass cradling your toes. Gazing upon these stars, you are connected to everything around you.

In this moment it feels so right. You breathe in deeply to fill your soul up, soaking in the night sky. Here, you're dancing on the ground, with your arms open wide. [music]

With each moment, the more you love tonight. Could tomorrow be so wondrous?

You fall back, the earth catching you. Cradling you. You stare up at the stars... One by one the stars begin to fade. The darkness begins to fade to blue, then purple, pink, and orange. The stars have been replaced by clouds sprinkled in the sky. It's times like these when you know how much you love watching the sunrise. It fills your soul up.

With each moment, the more you love the sunrise. What would each day be like if you filled your soul up just like this?

Just as the sunrise came, it fades away, and you bring your attention back to the breath. The seat and space around you. The sensations in the body. The sounds. And when you're ready, open your eyes.


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