Mindfulness Paired with Music Series: Day 3

Today's theme is #slowingdown. Slowing down is more important than ever. We live in a "go, go, go" society where nothing is ever enough. We are always running. Trying to keep up with one another.

With this kind of pressure, mindfulness can center you. It can remind you to slow down. It can remind you to breathe. How often do you forget just to breathe? Really breathe?

First time here? On Day 1, we talked about how to make the most of these mindfulness and music pairings. Check it out if you missed Day 1 and then start experimenting.

The Song: I'll Back You Up by Dave Matthews Band

I remember thinking Sometimes we walk, sometimes we run away But I know no matter how fast we are running Somehow we keep Somehow we keep up with each other -Dave Matthews Band

The Practice: Keeping Up by Slowing Down

Practicing mindfulness in everyday life can lead to you feeling more satisfied in life. You'll learn how to experience each moment fully, become more resilient, and deepen relationships with other people and the world around you.

Listen to Somehow We Keep Up by Slowing Down here.

See the transcript below if you'd like to do it on your own.

In life it feels like we're always trying to keep up. But no matter how fast we run, it never feels like enough.

What you're doing is enough.

Today, I'd like to invite you to slow down. To walk instead of run.

It begins with the breath. It's always moving, yet it's always there as an anchor. A place to stop and center yourself. There is nothing to figure out, no problems to solve, and nothing special to do.

Begin by finding a comfortable position. Allow the eyes to close or gently gaze past the nose.

Notice the breath. Is it fast and shallow? Slow and deep? Or somewhere in between?

Now find the breath that's right for you. Not too fast. Not too slow. Welcome the natural rhythm without forcing it. You'll know when you've found the breath that's right for you because you'll feel a sense of relief, or release, in the body.

Bring your awareness to the belly. As in you inhale, notice the rising of the belly. As you exhale, notice the falling of the belly. Deepen the breath and continue to observe the rising and falling.

Bring your awareness to the chest. As in you inhale, feel the expansion of the lungs and chest. As you exhale, feel the contraction. Deepen the breath and continue to observe the expansion and contraction.

Bring your awareness to the nostrils. As in you inhale, notice the temperature of the air as it enters the nostrils. As you exhale, notice the temperature of the air as it exits. Deepen the breath to see what's present for you.

Now rest your awareness on one of these three spots: the belly, the chest, or the nostrils. Continue to observe each inhalation and exhalation.

When the mind wanders, gently guide the focus back to the breath. Deepening the breath for a couple of moments can help.

Before we finish today's practice, take notice of the breath. How is it different from when we started?

Know that the breath is always here for you. It's a place of calm. Of center. It's a place that can invite you to walk rather than run.


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