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Mindfulness Paired with Music Series: Day 1

Welcome to day one of the Mindfulness Paired with Music Series!

Music creates a #flowstate, making space for mindfulness. So, why not connect the two? Dave Matthews Band (DMB) has offered me this over the past 20 years and during #covid. I'm excited to share with you my newest project: DMB lyric-inspired #mindfulness practices.

How to Make the Most of It

Each day I will share one song by Dave Matthews Band from Spotify/Youtube, paired with a 5-minute, guided mindfulness practice, created by yours truly (think wine and cheese pairings, but for the mind).

Each pairing will have a theme and the song influences the practice's technique and content. Today's theme is observation with curiosity.

Listen to the song and then do the practice, or vice versa. Mix it up and see what you ends up resonating with you most.

Ready? Here we go...

The Song: Shadows on the Wall by Dave Matthews

I started with this song because Dave wrote it about covid-19. When I listened to it, is was a song that lifted my energy by the beauty of the lyrics and, as always, the guitar and voice work.

Singing from the windows Shadow on the wall, The way they dance Not much of nothing And look at this fire burning bright - Dave Matthews

Now it's time for your 5-minute mindfulness practice. Start by finding a window...

The Practice: A Window to the World Outside In

Listen to A Window to the World Outside In here.

If you'd rather do the mindfulness practice on your own, read the transcript below.

Mindfulness means practicing awareness from moment to moment with an underlying sense of curiosity, non-judgment, and acceptance. That's what we're going to practice today.

Before beginning the practice, find a window in your home that offers a view, big or small. Settle yourself in front of the window.

Begin with your breath. Noticing how it flows, inside out and outside in.

Now bring your attention to the view outside. What do you see?

Begin by labeling what you see in your mind. The sky, and clouds floating by. The tree's shadow on the wall.

Now try to let go of the labels and notice the colors, patterns, and textures. Observe any movement. The leaves and the way they dance. The water flowing through the sidewalk's cracks. The pattern of rooftops. What do you see?

Notice as many different shapes and colors present in this small part of your world. Imagine you've never seen it before. This is your first time seeing it. It's a gift to explore.

Soak it in, like the warmth of the sun. Be curious. Be aware, while also relaxed.

If you notice your mind begins to wander, gently guide it back to the colors and shapes.

Now return to your breath. Noticing how it flows, inside out and outside in.


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